Work and Life

The Department of Wellness and Recreation

The University of Miami Department of Wellness and Recreation offers a variety of fitness and well-being programs, including mindfulness, personal training, and other health and wellness programs.

Along with the wellness centers, the Department also manages Outdoor Adventures located in Lakeside Village, which includes a climbing wall, outdoor adventure gear rentals, and other health and group development opportunities for offices.

The Lowe Art Museum

The Lowe Art Museum provides opportunities for learning and connection in our community through cultural tours, lecture series and art, health and wellness sessions, and more. 

The Faculty Staff Assistance Program

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is an organizational behavioral health and mental health resource for determining approaches and solutions to personal and/or workplace concerns. The FSAP provides confidential support and assistance in resolving both personal and workplace concerns; enhancing the University’s capacity to sustain a safe, healthy, engaged and productive work force/environment. Click here to schedule a one-to-one consultation or referral with a licensed mental health professional.